• Hesi

    Hesi - the inexpensive all-round fertilizer

    Hesi is a manufacturer of grow fertilizers from the Netherlands. As one of the first companies on the market, Hesi has years of experience in the field of grow fertilizers. The entire Hesi product line is born out of love, as the company says of itself: "Grow fertilizer from growers, for Grower". All products are manufactured, filled and packaged in the Netherlands. Care is always taken to follow the "first in-first out principle". This means that the items that are produced first also leave the warehouse first, in order to deliver the freshest possible goods at all times.

    Also we from Grow Guru fertilizers to keep stocks as small as possible, because we also want our customers to receive the freshest possible goods.

    Plants have different needs, depending on the development phase they are in. Depending on the development phase and the growing medium, a special fertilizer must be used that is optimally adapted to the needs of the plants. The Hesi product range covers all this and is also optimized for the respective growing medium of your plants. For optimal results in indoor cultivation, we recommend that you follow the specified cultivation scheme exactly (see below).

    In addition, Hesi offers several watering water additives aimed at optimizing the pH of the root sphere. Depending on the medium and the pH of the watering water, it is necessary to adjust the pH upwards or downwards to achieve truly optimal growing results. Put simply, fertilizer can only be fully absorbed and processed by the plants if the pH is also optimally adjusted. A pH value of 6 (5.8 - 6.2) has proven to be optimal.

    Hesi cultivation scheme (fertilization schedule)

    Depending on the growing medium, other Hesi Grow fertilizers are used.

    Hesi Growing Scheme Earth:

    Hesi Zuchtschema (Düngeplan) Erde

    Hesi Grow Scheme Cocos:

    Hesi Zuchtschema (Düngeplan) Cocos

    Hesi Grow Scheme Hydroponics:

    Hesi Zuchtschema (Düngeplan) Hydro

  • Canna

    Canna - the brand fertilizer

    Canna is one of the best known manufacturers of fertilizers in the grow sector. Canna offers both mineral and purely biological fertilizers. Canna offers a huge range of fertilizers and other supplementary products, for all growing media or hydroponic systems.

    Grow fertilizers from Canna are often used by advanced growers. Often 2 component fertilizers are used, which makes them more complicated to use and more prone to error

    We would rather advise beginners in the grow field to use Hesi or BioBizz.

    On the Canna YouTube channel you will find many helpful videos on the subject of Growing.

    We have the entire range of Canna on offer. If any item is missing, just drop us a mail!

    Canna growing scheme (fertilization schedule)

    Depending on the growing medium, other Canna fertilizers are used.

    Canna growing scheme soil:

    Zuchtschema Erde

    Canna cultivation scheme Cocos:

    Zuchtschema Cocos

    Canna cultivation scheme Hydro-Soft culture:

    Zuchtschema Hydrokultur

    Canna growing scheme hydroponics:

    Zuchtsschema Hygrokultur

    Canna breeding scheme Aquaculture:

    Zuchtschema Aquakultur

    Canna breeding scheme COGr culture:

    Zuchtschema COGr-Kultur

    Canna breeding scheme Biocanna:

    Zuchtschema Biocanna

  • BioBizz

    BioBizz - the green grow fertilizer

    BioBizz is a producer of grow fertilizer from the Netherlands. At BioBizz they put a lot of emphasis on a careful and sustainable approach to the environment.
    That is why BioBizz focuses exclusively on organic fertilizers. Bio-fertilizers consist of organic components, such as plant residues

    The fertilizers of BioBizz are all very high quality. In addition, due to the composition of organic components, damage to plants by overfertilization is not so easy.

    BioBizz cultivation scheme (fertilization plan)

    A nutrient plan could look like this, using fertilizers perfectly tailored to each phase of the plant.

    BioBizz Zuchtschema (Düngeplan) Erde

  • Accessories
  • Clonex
  • Fertilizer computer
    Fertilizer computer
  • Terra Aquatica
    Terra Aquatica
  • Atami
  • BioTabs

Your plants can only develop fully if they are supplied with sufficient nutrients. For this reason, fertilizer is a must!

We offer the product lines of Hesi, Canna and BioBizz.

Which grow fertilizer is right for me?

If you are a beginner and have no experience with grow fertilizers, we recommend a Hesi starter set. With it you will achieve very good results in any case. The Hesi Starter Set comes with an illustrated manual (Hesi Grow Scheme). It tells you exactly how much of which fertilizer to use and when.

If you do not want to use mineral fertilizers, but want to fertilize purely on a biological basis, then we recommend a BioBizz Starter Pack. Here you also get an illustrated instruction. You can't do anything wrong with it. :)