Plant care 

  • Pest control
    Pest control
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  • Rank aids
    Rank aids

    Here you will find climbing aids for fixing your plants on the balcony, in your Growbox or simply free-floating in the room. They support and stabilize your plants during growth and beyond. All you have to do is attach the little helper, pull down the cord and hang your plant on one of its branches.

  • Mycorrhiza

    You want healthier roots, more resistant plants and a more effective nutrient supply? Then the fine mycorrhiza fungi are the means of your choice!

    They form a valuable symbiosis with the roots of your plants and help them to obtain nutrients from the surrounding medium. Your plants will not be damaged in the process - quite the opposite! They benefit immensely from the little helper, become more robust and much more resistant to diseases, deficiency symptoms and overfertilization. Increased growth also goes hand in hand with symbiosis

    How does it work? The extremely fine filaments of the mycorrhizal fungus can tap into the nutrient deposits in the soil much better than the roots of your plants would be able to. But the fungus needs sugar and would prefer a constant, reliable supply of this important raw material. To get it, it makes a deal with your plants; they pass on the sugar they don't need to the mycorrhiza and receive in exchange useful nitrogen and phosphorus, which are used for photosynthesis, growth and root formation. So both sides benefit from this cooperation; they grow and thrive, whereupon the effect is further enhanced. In addition, the fungi serve more or less as a kind of filter that keeps harmful substances away from its host

    Symbiosis with mycorrhizal fungi is a natural and quite common process. The majority of plants in our native forests form such a community. However, since we create our very own climate and growth zone when growing plants at home, mycorrhizal fungi are naturally not found there just like that. They must be added to the substrate specifically in some form. Two very popular approaches are adding them to the irrigation water or directly "inoculating" the soil with mycorrhizal granules

    Even though the industrious fungi will help your plants strengthen and thrive, the mycorrhizal filaments in your substrate are not invulnerable. To take advantage of the positive effect effectively and in the long term, you should keep one thing in mind: the use of mycorrhiza fungi is not compatible with mineral fertilizers . If you fertilize organically, however, we can recommend these little miracle workers without reservation!