Secret Jardin Dark Room 240W Rev 4.0 (237 x 120 x 200 cm)

Very high quality box, very good equipment.

  • Footprint: 240 x 120cm
  • Light: (recommendation)
    • LED: 2 x Hydroca Ambition 320 or 2x Hydroca Pro 630
    • HPS: 4 x 1000 W
  • Exhaust air: (recommendation) 160 mm flange
  • Pots: (recommendation) max. 50 pots each 11 liters

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Art. Nr.:HBDR240WR4

369,90 €

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About this box

Base area of the box: 240 cm x 120 cm
Sufficient for a maximum of 40-50 pots of 11 liters each (recommended pot size)
Including free aisles for walking in the box

Recommendation from Grow Guru:

  • This box is usually divided into several lighting fields. We recommend 2x Hydroca Ambition 320 or 2x Hydroca Pro 630 LED.
  • Take into account in your planning that you can not completely cover the bottom with pots, since you have to walk on this box to use it.
  • We strongly recommend working with 2 lamps instead of just one for this box format. There are two reasons for this:
    1. The size.
    2. The format. This is a box with a rectangular base. In a box with a square base, the illumination is more even with one lamp. If you work in this box with one lamp, you will have to turn the plants often and change the places

Technical details

  • Dimensions: 240 x 120 x 200 cm (length x width x height)
  • Weight 24 kg
  • Light tightness: Level III
  • 2 front doors
  • 2 side doors
  • 2 side windows 50x30cm
  • New tent material 210D with 95% reflective Mylar on the inside
  • Load capacity: Max 30 kg per pole, 80 kg in total
  • Waterproof floor made of Mylar (210D)
  • Lightproof zippers
  • 3x exhaust air opening with Ø 250mm
  • 2x supply air opening with Ø 250mm
  • 2x CoolTube opening Ø 200mm
  • 3x cable opening Ø 75mm
  • Material washable inside and outside

Differences to a cheaper box (e.g Dark Street or Hydro Shoot)

  • Absolutely light-impermeable
  • more stable frame
  • better equipment

About Secret Jardin and the Rev 4.0 product line

Secret Jardin has been on the market since 2006 and is now the best known manufacturer of growboxes in the world. The growboxes from SJ are characterized by:

  • highest light impermeability
  • Inner coating made of highly reflective Mylar: 95% light reflection
  • stable tubular frame
  • easy and fast assembly
  • washable material inside and outside
  • Compatibility with all common hydroponic systems

The grow boxes of the "Dark Room" series in revision 4.0 is the latest version of Secret Jardin.
With the revision 4.0, many elements have been revised to better meet the requirements in practice. New in version 4.0 are, among others, the following included accessories:

  • 2 x Ducting Flange
  • Cable Socks for easy cable routing
  • Spare Booster
  • WedIt
  • HookIt
  • StrapIt
  • PokeIt

Frequently asked questions

Which Secret Jardin Grow Box is the right one for me?

We offer in our store 2 product lines of Secret Jardin offer: the Dark Street-Boxes and the Dark Room-Boxes. The difference lies in the workmanship and price.

To put it simply Dark Street-Boxes are like a Skoda Octavia Dark Room-Boxes are like a VW Passat. :-)

The quality of the Dark Street-Boxes is solid and corresponds to the high quality that one expects from Secret Jardin is accustomed.

Dark Room-Boxes are processed in a higher quality and are simply a good deal more robust and solid.

Which box size do I need?

The boxes that we sell most often are the Secret Jardin Dark Room DR90 and the DR120.

Which box is right for you depends on how much space you have and how big your grow project is going to be.

How to build a Secret Jardin Grow box?

The assembly is really quite simple. Just watch this video:

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Data sheet
EAN 4260587874982
Size 240 x 120 cm
Size Sondergrößen
Shipping Paket
Innenbeschichtung Mylar-Folie
Grundfläche 240 x 120 cm
Höhe 200 cm
Grundform quadratisch
Marke Secret Jardin

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