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Buy your individual grow box set

A complete set offers you everything you need for your project. With our grow box configurator you can configure exactly the right set for you. To start, choose your desired growing technique: Normal or Advanced (e.g. for SCROG “Screen of Green” or SOG “Sea of Green”). You then choose the size of your project, for example “Medium”, which would be around four to eight plants. You will then be asked about your budget and finally asked to decide which one light technology you want to use. Do you want to grow your plants with organic fertilizer? That is also no problem. In the last step, simply select "organic products only" and look at the suggested set.

After you have gone through the grow box configurator, you will be shown all the necessary products for your project. The displayed total price includes up to 10% discount for you as a user of the configurator. If you want to change something in your grow box complete set, you can of course do so.

You can adapt our pre-selection of optimal products for your grow box complete set to suit you as required. In our sets you will only receive goods of high quality at reasonable prices.

Advantages of the complete set

By far the greatest advantage of our grow sets is that all components such as lamps, the box itself, Circulating air and Exhaust and supply air are optimally coordinated. With our grow sets you can be sure that nothing is missing for your project and you can get started right away.

In addition, our sets (like all other products in our Grow Shop) only contain products that we would buy ourselves and can therefore recommend with a clear conscience.

Another advantage of the grow box complete set in our shop is that we offer up to 10% discount. We grant you this discount on your entire set at the end, exclusively as a user of our grow set configurator.

The grow box - the basic framework for your cultivation

The grow box is the most elementary part of your set

The basis for growing your plants is of course the grow box itself, regardless of whether it was realized as a tent, cupboard or as a room converted on your own initiative. It not only offers your plants space to grow, but also effectively separates them from the surrounding climate. This is important to also give them the conditions they need for a healthy life cycle.

Of course, a box alone is not able to create its own climate - this requires its own ventilation and additional light. In order to be able to accommodate these components and be able to connect them safely, a tent or cupboard should have suitable openings through which you can lay the power supply for the devices as well as exhaust and, if necessary, supply air hoses. It is also an advantage if the box gives you easy access to your plants, so that you can work on them without straining your back and with little effort.

In addition, most grow tents are lined with a reflective film on the inside, e.g Orca-Folie. This directs emitted light to your plants that otherwise would not have reached them, thus supporting their energy production.

Of course, all boxes that we offer you in our complete set configurator meet the above conditions and convince with excellent workmanship and a suitable price-performance ratio.

The ventilation

The ventilation is optimally matched to the rest of the set

Your plants don't like it too warm and not too cold, feel particularly comfortable with a humidity of approx. 50-80% (depending on the phase of life) and also always want enough CO2 in the air to be able to carry out photosynthesis diligently. To meet these needs, an exhaust fan that matches your tent is the best choice.

This sucks the air from inside your tent or your room and thus ensures a constant flow of air passing your plants. On the one hand, you have the option of regulating the temperature and humidity according to the wishes of your plants and, on the other hand, you also constantly ensure an air mixture enriched with sufficient CO2.

In order to keep the airflow strong enough, you should always make sure that the fan has the right output for your box. As already mentioned, all components of the complete set we propose are already coordinated with each other, which is why you don't have to worry about it at this point.

Our sets also contain a circulating air fan , which, placed inside the tent, swirls the air and additionally strengthens the branches of your plants. In addition, we have of course also thought of your neighbors: they probably don't want to be disturbed by smells or noises, which is why you will always find an activated carbon filter in your set and, depending on your budget, a sound-absorbing exhaust hose.

The right illuminant

We recommend powerful Hydroca LEDs as set lighting

When creating your individual set, we give you the choice between sodium vapor lamps (HPS) or LEDs.

The former have their advantage mainly in the acquisition costs. Good HPS lamps are not expensive and still achieve a reasonable result. There are also sodium vapor lamps that can be used for both the growth and flowering phases. To use these lamps, you need a ballast that matches the output - this is of course already included in our sets.

HPS lamps have dominated the lighting market for many years; in the meantime, however, they have been overtaken by modern LEDs in almost all areas. These are no longer as expensive to buy as they were in the past and, compared to older technology, achieve a comparable performance output with noticeably lower power consumption. In addition, LED bulbs emit less heat, which noticeably simplifies the conditions inside your grow tent, especially on hot summer days. But even if the prices have clearly developed positively, they are still higher than sodium vapor lamps due to the many advantages.

However, it must also be taken into account that the service life of the LEDs is specified as at least 50,000 hours in most cases. The market SANlight promises at his Q6W even after 90,000 operating hours an output power of 90% of the original value.

Grow tent accessories

If you have gone through our grow box configurator, you don't have to do without anything. You will already be shown suitable, important accessories. For example different Properly sized pots, lamp fixtures, crop shears, a timer, etc . We have thought of everything for you.

You can of course find other accessories in our Grow Shop.